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On/about June 15th, reassessment notices will be mailed to the last known mailing address of each property owner. The notice contains certain required information, such as the prior assessed value, the projected assessed value and the calculated change in real estate taxes. The assessment will be based on market conditions existing through June 30, the effective date of value is July 1.

If a property owner has questions regarding the assessment, please contact the City Assessor Front Desk at (804)646-7500 for assistance. If, after discussion with the area appraiser, the property owner believes that a formal review is warranted, the following steps are available:

First Step: Office Review

A written appeal must be filed with the City Assessor's Office no later than July 15. The Office Review Application and filing instructions can be obtained on this website. The property owner will have the opportunity to submit any information that demonstrates a more supportable fair market value of the property in question, or to submit comparable assessment data that indicates the subject assessment is inequitable with similar classed properties.

All office review applications with submitted data will be analyzed by a staff appraiser, and the applicant will receive a written response.

Second Step: Board of Review (BOR)

If the property owner wishes to continue the assessment appeal, Board of Review form may be filed with that office until August 15. Before filing, the property owner is encouraged to discuss their situation with the BOR Liaison at (804)646-7910 to insure proper filing.

The Board of Review is a professional three-person panel appointed by the Circuit Court to hear assessment appeals. The BOR schedules hearings in accordance with current state statutes and city ordinances.

At this step, property owners have the burden of proof to present market evidence and documentation demonstrating that the property assessment is either inequitable with similar properties or assessed greater than market value.

All presentation documents, as per state law, must be submitted by the filing deadline.

The property owner (appellant) will normally receive a written decision from the BOR within 30 days of the hearing. The decision is binding on both the appellant and the city for that tax year only.

Third Step: Direct Appeal to the Court

Pursuant to Va. Tax Code 58.1-3984, any property owner may appeal directly to the Circuit Court for correction of assessment, regardless of whether any other appeal steps may have been utilized.

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