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Last Updated: 2017-05-06

Request a rack

Citizens may request a City of Richmond bike rack to be installed where secure bike parking is needed. The City will review the site to ensure adequate space and proper location. Racks must be installed within City right of way (typically on the sidewalk) or on City of Richmond property.

Locking tips

Avoid common mistakes to reduce the chance that someone can steal your bike.

  • Always lock to the bike frame, not just the wheel.
  • Never lock around the fork leg. Someone can remove the front wheel and slide the fork out of the lock, and take your entire bike.
  • Use a strong lock such as a U-lock and/or a chain or cable lock made specifically for bikes since thery are hard to cut.
  • Quick release wheels can be stolen in seconds. Consider locking your wheels as well as your frame.

Locking laws

The City is in the process of installing bike parking racks throughout Richmond, but there will always be places that lack a bike rack. Be mindful of how and where you park your bike. The City has several provisions aimed at keeping our sidewalks clear and free of clutter.

  • Never lock to a tree, your bike can be impounded. Street trees are especially susceptible to damage from gouging or chaffing of the bark which can result in the tree becoming diseased or dying. Plus, our trees are for beautification, not parking.
  • Bikes that are deemed inoperable due to missing parts or significant damage can be impounded after three days if locked to City property (e.g. signs, bike racks, etc).
  • Bikes that are locked to city property for more than ten consecutive days (without being moved during that period) can be deemed to be abandoned and impounded.
  • Impounded bikes are held for a period of at least 30 days, after which time they may be sold or donated to a non-profit organization.

Good Bike Parking

Good Bike Parking

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