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Last Updated: 2017-05-06

What are the bike symbols that are on some city streets?

Is that a bike lane?

What am I supposed to do as a driver?

Harrison RVA Sharrow Outside Door Zone

They are not a bike lane, but rather shared lane markings, or sharrows which are used on streets with bike activity but where there is not enough roadway space for a separate bike lane. It remind motorists that they will likely encounter bicyclists sharing the travel lane.

I’ve heard I’m supposed to have a registration for my bike. Is that true?

The City no longer requires bike registration. However we encourage people to register their bikes with the National Bike Registry. This will aid police in identifying the owner of a bike that is recovered following a theft.

Am I allowed to lock my bike to city property such as signposts and trees?

Please see the bike parking guide on this website for details on local regulations Bike Parking Guide. City trees are the only item that is specifically prohibited, and a bike locked to a tree can be impounded.

Isn’t it safer for a bicyclist to ride facing traffic so they can see cars approaching them?

Riding against traffic is a leading cause of crashes between bicyclists and motorists. For this reason it is also illegal. Bicyclists should always ride in the same direction of traffic when on the roadway.

Is it illegal to ride my bike on the sidewalk?

The City of Richmond does not have a local ordinance prohibiting bicycling on sidewalks. BUT, if riding on a sidewalk you must yield to pedestrians, and should ride slowly. Colliding with motorists at intersections is a leading cause of crashes because motorists aren’t expecting a bike entering the crosswalk at high speed, especially when travelling against traffic.

I keep hearing about a big bike race coming to Richmond in 2015. What is this event and can I take part?

The World Road Cycling Championships was hosted by the City of Richmond in September 2015. This event is one of professional cycling’s biggest races, crowning world champions in several races. Competitors represent their nation, much like the Olympics, and the athletes are among the best cyclists in the world.

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