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Last Updated: 2018-07-23

The City of Richmond Board of Zoning Appeals, frequently referred to as the BZA, was established pursuant to the provisions of Article 7, Chapter 22, Title 15.2, of the Code of Virginia. The BZA's powers, duties, and procedures are set forth in broad terms in the City Charter, and are further detailed in the City of Richmond Zoning Ordinance. The Board of Zoning Appeals provides a means through which a property owner may seek relief from provisions of the zoning ordinance. The BZA hears and makes decisions regarding requests for variances and special exceptions, such as waivers involving setbacks, height, parking, etc. The BZA also makes decisions regarding appeals to any decision made by the City Zoning Administrator. The BZA is not empowered to change the use of a property.

Click here to view the BZA Rules of Procedure.

Membership Information

The BZA is comprised of five citizen members and two alternates representing a cross-section of the city, appointed by the Circuit Court to serve a four-year term. Members of the BZA cannot discuss with an applicant or members of the public any case pending before it nor will Board members consider information submitted directly to them by these parties pertaining to such cases.

Filing Requirements & Meeting Documentation

It is required to meet and discuss any variance, special exception or appeals request with the Zoning Administration Staff prior to formally completing and submitting the Board of Zoning Appeals application.

Please contact the Zoning Administration Office at (804)646-6340 or E-mail or visit Room 110 of City Hall.

    Variance/Special Exception Application Form

    Appeals Application Form

    Presentation Suggestions

    Document Requirements

    Submittal Checklist

Meeting Schedule

BZA Meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of each month and begin promptly at 1:00 PM in th 5th Floor Conference Room of City Hall. Click here for a printer-friendly version of the meeting & filing schedule.

* Meeting & Filing Schedule *
    BZA Meeting                       Filing Deadline
    Zoning Office                  
  January 3, 2018 November 17, 2017 November 27, 2017
  February 7, 2018 December 8, 2017 December 18, 2017
  March 7, 2018 January 19, 2018 January 29, 2018
  April 4, 2018 February 16, 2018 February 26, 2018
  May 2, 2018 March 16, 2018 March 26, 2018
  June 6, 2018 April 13, 2018 April 23, 2018
  July 5, 2018** May 18, 2018 May 29, 2018
  August 1, 2018 June 15, 2018 June 25, 2018
  September 5, 2018 July 13, 2018 July 23, 2018
  October 3, 2018 August 17, 2018 August 27, 2018
  November 7, 2018 September 14, 2018 September 24, 2018
  December 5, 2018 October 19, 2018 October 29, 2018
  -------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
  January 2, 2019 November 16, 2018 November 26, 2018
  February 6, 2019 December 14, 2018 December 21, 2018
  -------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

  ** [IMPORTANT NOTE: The July 2018 BZA Meeting is re-scheduled to Thursday, July 5th,
  (from the normal Wednesday, July 4th hearing date) due to the Independence Day holiday.]

For more information, contact the Board of Zoning Appeals Secretary, Roy Benbow (804)240-2124 or E-mail.

Contact Information:

Board of Zoning Appeals
City of Richmond
900 E. Broad St., Room 110
Richmond, VA
23219 USA
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Phone: (804)240-2124
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