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Last Updated: 2017-03-03

That is the slogan of the Richmond Clean City Commission (CCC). Officially created by city ordinance in 1993, it had its beginnings in 1975 as a part of the Keep America Beautiful initiative. Today the CCC sponsors programs that encourage citizens to clean, maintain and beautify their environment.

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Recycling Information - Richmond is pleased to offer convenient curbside recycling.

Adopt-A-Spot or a Street - We need your help! - You can make Richmond cleaner and safer by adopting a street.

Illegal Signs - Posting signs in the public right-of-way is against the law. Know what to look for and do your part by removing offending signs.

Launch a Volunteer Cleanup - Any neighborhood or business association or group of concerned neighbors may request city refuse trucks to assist their volunteer cleanup effort.

e-Cycle Your Old Electronics - Find out more about drop-off events scheduled in Richmond.

Get involved. Call (804)646-8325, send an e-mail to the Clean City Commission to find out how.


Making Compost from Yard Waste

Lawn Leaf Management

New Recycling Carts

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The following content is powered by YouTube.

Clean City Commission Board Members

DirectorPublic Works
Acting Director (Bobby Vincent)
DistrictBoard Members
1st DistrictDoug K. Allen
2nd DistrictMiriam Lack
3rd DistrictEd Gilchrist
4th DistrictCaroline Cardwell
5th DistrictStephenie Harrington
6th DistrictOpen
7th DistrictNancy Lampert
8th DistrictCatherine Welsh
9th DistrictNathan Tersteeg
DistrictCitizen Volunteers
2nd DistrictJane Hotchkiss
5th DistrictSherri Johnson
2nd DistrictJulian Gordon
6th DistrictWanda McGee
Support Services ManagerDarlene Mallory

Get Your Compost Bin Today

Your Compost Bin
  • Price: $41.50

  • Payments: cash or check made out to City of Richmond

  • Contact: Darlene Mallory, 646-8325, or via e-mail at to find out how.

Contact Information:

Clean City Commission
City of Richmond
3506 N. Hopkins Rd.
Richmond, VA
23224 USA
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Phone: (804) 646-8325
Fax: (804) 646-8068
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