Last Updated: 2010-01-19

Mayor Dwight C. Jones has been an active public servant in the city of Richmond for over 35 years. Dwight Jones has entrenched himself in the social and political realms of the city of Richmond. Throughout his tenure he has worked for causes that positively affirm his beliefs and efforts that uplift not only his immediate constituency, but also the city and state at large. Mayor Jones has diligently advocated economic empowerment for those who are not in the mainstream. He has been instrumental through his various board appointments and other community investments in creating positive change.

Richmond's Representative in the House of Delegates

Mayor Jones was first elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 1993. In that time he has assembled an impressive legislative record, working with members on both sides of the aisle to focus on providing health services, ensuring strong finances, and protecting Richmond's neighborhoods and most fragile citizens.

A Community Leader

Mayor Jones holds a firm belief that change and progress start in your own neighborhood. Since 1975, he has founded the South Richmond Senior Center, and the Imani Intergenerational Community Development Corporation - a community-based development corporation committed to the building of affordable housing, revitalization of distressed business areas and business development, as well as creating workforce initiatives and training. When most were leaving South Richmond, Mayor Jones encouraged citizens to stay and take back their neighborhoods. He worked in the communities to reduce crime and make new investments in the communities.

Mayor Jones continues to recognize the needs of those who have not been afforded the same opportunities that many take for granted as he strives to address the varied needs in and around the community.

In 1985, he was named one of Richmond's 100 Most Outstanding Citizens. Mayor Jones has served as a member of the Richmond City School Board in 1979 and served as its chairman from 1982-1985. He has served in the Virginia State Legislature since 1994 as an honorable member of the House of Delegates serving the 70th district. Mayor Jones also serves as the Chair of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus.

Mayor Jones remains active in community life. He has served on many corporate and community boards and has been appointed to various committees. His service has included Richmond Renaissance (former chair), MCV Hospital Authority, Metro Richmond Convention and Visitors Bureau, Richmond Red Cross, YMCA Board of Directors, Richmond Commission on Human Relations, and was recently appointed to serve on the Virginia Commission on Immigration.

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