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AmeriCorps ACES


"AmeriCorps engages more than 75,000 Americans in intensive service each year at nonprofits, schools, public agencies, and community and faith-based groups across the country.

Since the program’s founding in 1994, more than 900,000 AmeriCorps members have contributed more than 1.2 billion hours in service across America while tackling pressing problems and mobilizing millions of volunteers for the organizations they serve.

AmeriCorps programs do more than move communities forward; they serve their members by creating jobs and providing pathways to opportunity for young people entering the workforce. AmeriCorps places thousands of young adults into intensive service positions where they learn valuable work skills, earn money for education, and develop an appreciation for citizenship.” 1

AmeriCorps ACES

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School-based Program

The AmeriCorps Action for Community Enhancement Services (ACES) program focus in partnership with the Great Aspirations Scholarship Program (GRASP) and RVA Future is to assist in providing college and career planning for students in the five comprehensive Richmond Public High Schools, to help them with a plan of success before graduation.

ACES team members responsibilities include: leading classroom presentations, assisting with college and career searches, reviewing essays, resumes, applications and acceptance/offer letters as well as assisting students and parents with completing the Federal Student Aid (FSA) Identification process for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The ACES program recruits year round for candidates. If interested in serving, please contact Jennifer Swinson, Program Director at

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Contact Us

For more information please contact Jennifer Swinson, (804)646-6612 or

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