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Media Advisories

Title Date
Mayor Stoney and City's Department of Planning & Development Review Launch Richmond 300 2017-07-18
Public Input Sought on Richmond's Transit Choices 2016-04-05
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project Approved 2016-02-08
Broad & E Main Street Corridor Plan Kickoff Meeting on November 19, 2015 2015-10-27
Help Choose the Name of RVA's New BRT Service 2014-12-16
RVA Green: Bus Rapid Transit Due in October 2017 2014-12-01
BRT Budget Planning: Jones Advances Anti-Poverty Efforts 2014-04-15
Mayor Jones: $10 Million Grant to Upgrade Main Street Station 2014-04-11
RVA Green: Broad Street Bus Rapid Transit 2013-08-28
Mayor Jones: Introduces New GRTC Bus Fueled By Compressed Natural Gas 2013-07-31
Community & Economic Development: Bus Rapid Transit Study 2011-12-15

Media Documents

Title Date [ Size ]
Richmond Connects: State of Transportation Report; Strategic Multimodal Plan; TOC 2011-06-27 [1.19 MB]
Richmond Connects: State of Transportation Report; Strategic Multimodal Plan; Part 1 2011-06-27 [3.79 MB]
Richmond Connects: State of Transportation Report; Strategic Multimodal Plan; Part 2 2011-06-27 [4.80 MB]
Richmond Connects: State of Transportation Report; Strategic Multimodal Plan; Part 3 2011-06-27 [3.24 MB]
Richmond Connects: State of Transportation Report; Strategic Multimodal Plan; Part 4 2011-06-27 [2.22 MB]
Richmond Connects: State of Transportation Report; Strategic Multimodal Plan; Part 5 2011-06-27 [3.77 MB]
Richmond Connects: State of Transportation Report; Strategic Multimodal Plan; Part 6 2011-06-27 [7.96 MB]
Richmond Connects: State of Transportation Report; Strategic Multimodal Plan; Part 7 2011-06-27 [825.0 KB]
Community & Economic Development: Broad Street Rapid Transit Study Flyer 2010-02-22 [813.4 KB]
City Planning & Development Review: Transportation Analysis 2009-08-05 [1.68 MB]

Media Videos

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Title Date
Richmond 300 Launch, July 18, 2017 2017-07-18
GRTC Pulse debuts at Christmas Parade 2016 2016-12-03
VCU News: Pulse Bus Rapid Transit Package 2016 2016-04-25
NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Bus rapid transit comes to Richmond 2016-02-12
GRTC VISSIM: Bus Rapid Transit simulation in Richmond Virginia 2015-07-27
GRTC Public Meeting on Broad Street Bus Rapid Transit 2015-07-27
GRTC BRT Demo Video shown at the January 2015 Public Meetings 2015-07-25
Announcement of $24.9M in TIGER Funds for Richmond Bus Rapid Transit 2014-09-13
BRT Public Meeting 2014-05-20
GRTC: Bus Rapid Transit Study Overview 2013-08-22

Media Coverage

Title Date Source
"Richmond 300" begins work on new master plan, seeks citizen feedback 2017-07-21 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond panel advances long-range plans; for development along Pulse corridor 2017-05-15 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Concerns about building height delay approval of development plan along GRTC
bus rapid transit line
2017-04-17 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Planners for GRTC Pulse must make tough choices, officials say 2017-04-07 Richmond Times-Dispatch
At public meeting, GRTC lays out new route network for riders 2017-03-08 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Overnight construction on Pulse can get loud, but is permitted, officials say 2017-02-24 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Federal government withholding transit funding over safety commission formation 2017-02-19 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond City Council signs off on bus system redesign, could open in November 2017-02-13 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Lots of barrels appear on Broad Street for Pulse construction 2017-02-09 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond introduces plan to speed bus service around the city 2017-01-17 Richmond Times-Dispatch
New GRTC bus plan unlikely to be ready in time for Pulse, but it could be close 2017-01-23 Richmond Times-Dispatch
GRTC, city at odds over when to revamp bus system 2017-01-21 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Faces of 2016: Layne promotes planes, trains, automobiles, rockets, and drones 2016-12-24 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Passengers excited about new GRTC Pulse buses 2016-12-09 WTVR-6 CBS Richmond
City of Richmond releases final Pulse plan 2016-12-07 WRIC News
Transit vision plan is an 'immense opportunity' for Richmond region 2016-12-16 Richmond Times-Dispatch
GRTC offers $1.4 million for Grace/Adams property for potential transfer center 2016-11-02 Richmond Times-Dispatch
New GRTC Transit route structure to favor ridership over coverage 2016-10-05 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Reveley column: Transit opportunities mean enhanced access for RVA 2016-09-15 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Construction to begin on the Pulse, Richmond's bus rapid transit system 2016-08-03 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond presents 3 concepts for bus system redesign, wants feedback 2016-07-04 Richmond Times-Dispatch
State board endorses contract to build Richmond's bus rapid transit 2016-04-20 Richmond Times-Dispatch
After heated debate, Council approves $49 million bus rapid transit project 2016-02-08 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Bus rapid transit's fate unsettled; Richmond council set to vote Monday 2016-01-24 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Now Developing: How 11 Richmond Public Spaces Are Being
Re-Imagined for Better or for Worse; "The GRTC Pulse" & "The GRTC Transfer Plaza"
2015-12-15 Style Weekly
GRTC Pulse wins final design approval; commission ignores push to delay 2015-11-16 Richmond Times-Dispatch
$54 million GRTC bus rapid transit plan now one step away from final approval 2015-11-05 Richmond Times-Dispatch
VDOT will oversee construction of GRTC's Pulse 2015-10-26 Richmond Times-Dispatch
GRTC "Pulse" is a planned bus rapid transit line in Richmond Virginia 2015-10-07 Wikipedia
Richmond's new 'rapid' bus route to cut 260 parking spaces 2015-04-06 WWBT-12 NBC Richmond
450 fewer parking places to be eliminated for Broad rapid transit system 2015-04-01 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond bus rapid transit system named GRTC Pulse 2015-03-17 Richmond Times-Dispatch
On Board: Richmond is betting big on Broad Street bus rapid transit 2014-12-10 Richmond Magazine
Richmond Region Readies for Bus Rapid Transit 2014-09-18 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond will have BRT by 2018 2014-09-11 Greater Washington
Richmond, Henrico winn key $24.9M grant for bus rapid transit system 2014-09-09 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Rapid transit on Broad Street could change the way you get around town 2014-09-09 WTVR-6 CBS Richmond
Federal grant gives $25 Million for RVA bus rapid transit 2014-09-09 RVA News
Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space: Richmond are transit is deficient 2014-07-27 Urban Places and Spaces
There is a rapid transit plan in the works for Richmond 2014-04-14 WTVR-6 CBS Richmond
Meetings this week to discuss Bus Rapid Transit 2014-03-19 RVA News
GRTC studying Bus Rapid Transit for Broad Street 2010-02-23 WWBT-12 NBC Richmond

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