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Last Updated: 2010-01-20

Beginning today, The Gun250 Tip Program is a new Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers initiative that will help reduce gun violence by allowing law enforcement to use tips provided by the public to intervene before a dangerous offender chooses to use a firearm to rob someone, settle a dispute, or accidentally kill a young child.

The program encourages members of the community to anonymously submit tips related to illegal firearms and provides a monetary reward of up to $250 should the information lead to the recovery of the firearm and/or the arrest of an offender.

Gun250 is not a “buy-back” program. Gun250 lets concerned members of the community know that they can easily and anonymously provide information related to illegally-possessed guns, and they do not have to wait until someone in their community has been shot.

How can members of the public submit a Gun250 tip?

Community members with information on illegal guns may submit their tip one of three ways.

TEXT: They can text 274637, enter keyword “Gun250,” followed by the tip.

PHONE: They may call Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000 and reference “Gun250”

WEB: Or they may complete the web tip form, which is accessible by clicking on the “Submit a Crime Stoppers tip” link on the RPD website or by visiting and clicking on “Submit a Web Tip”.

It is easy, safe, and completely anonymous.

  • Individuals submitting tips do not need to identify themselves to be eligible to receive a reward.

  • The process is absolutely anonymous – calls and messages cannot be traced to identify the source of the tip.

  • Tips are assigned a unique tip number. To receive payment, the tipster must retain this number.

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