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Neighborhood Assistance Officers

The Neighborhood Assistance Officer program was created in 1978 by resolution of the Richmond City Council and is administered by the Richmond Police Department.

The NAO is a uniformed, volunteer (non-paid) member of the Richmond City Police Department. They do not have any arrest authority above or beyond that of any other citizen. They are unarmed and drive unmarked vehicles with yellow emergency lights.


  • 21 years of age or older
  • Possess a valid Virginia driver's license
  • Able to pass a police background investigation
  • Be in reasonable physical condition
Neighborhood Assistance Officers


NAO duty tours are usually on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings and evenings. As a NAO you may work whenever your schedule permits, provided your schedule has been approved and coordinated through the Richmond Police Department.

Duties of the NAO include but are not limited to

  • traffic control at accidents; fires; floods; or other disasters
  • crowd control at special events or crime scenes
  • officer/apprehension assists
  • motorist assistance
  • fixed post assignments
  • warrant transfers
  • locating missing persons and children
  • abandoned vehicle notices
  • performing first aid
  • sobriety/other checkpoint operation
  • retrieval and transportation of found property
  • various environmental quality of life issues
  • checking vacation homes
  • other non-enforcement duties as called upon
Neighborhood Assistance Officers

If you would like more information please contact Lt. Ed Capriglione email at (804) 646-1726

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