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Project Purpose

To provide a multi-modal transportation network that will enhance safety, improve mobility, provide connectivity, while implementing the complete streets policy, and accommodate the rapidly developing East End Riverfront area of the City. Improvements will include the following:

  • Improved pedestrian and bicycle access
    along E. Main street corridor.
  • Public Parking accommodations
  • Public Transit Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Implement a transportation system that is consistent with the continuous and future developments in the area, including the Stone Brewery and Bistro, USP-Echo-Harbor, Lehigh Park, Intermediate Terminal Dock, Rockets Landing, Virginia Capital Trail, Gillies Creek Greenway, the (BRT) Bus Rapid Transit Pulse and the Route 5 Bridge Replacement over Norfolk-Southern Railroad.

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General Scope

• Dock Street will be relocated from Pear Street to Peebles Street with a roundabout at the Main Street intersection.

• East Main Street will be widened to include parking, sidewalk, bike lanes, landscaping, and BRT bus pullouts.

• The intersection at Main Street and Nicholson Street will be evaluated to determine if a signal or roundabout is needed.

• Sidewalk and landscaping will be added along Nicholson Street and extend to the railroad bridge.

• Closure of Water Street between Nicholson Street to Ash Street.

Comment Card

East Main Street/Relocated Dock Street - Comment FormDeadline:   ongoing
( please print, fill out and return via U.S. mail or scan and email to
or return via fax to 804.646.6415 )

Comment Card Responses

Comment Card ResponsesMarch 23, 2016 Meeting
Comment Card Responses
Comment Card Responses

Current Project Schedule

     Activity      Timeframe

    End Project Construction

    April 2018


    January 2016

    Public Meeting

    March 2016

    Preliminary UDC and PC Meeting

    May 2016

    Final UDC and PC Meeting

    July 2016

    Environmental Documents Complete

    August 2016

    Final Plans (100%)

    November 2016


    December 2016

    Begin Construction

    February / March 2017

    E. Main Street Construction Complete

    November 2017

Approximated Project Costs*

     Type           Figure

    Total Cost **

  $   7,900,000

    Engineering of Roadway Plans:

  $      770,000

    R-O-W Acquisition, Relocation Assistance and Utility Relocation:

  $      650,000


  $   6,480,000

    Project Length:

       0.75 Miles

    * Approximated costs are subject to change.
    ** This project has applied for FY17 state revenue sharing funds.

Project Manager

Adel Edward, P.E.
900 E. Broad St., Suite 603
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone Number: (804)646-6584

Contact Information:

Dept of Public Works
City of Richmond
900 E. Broad St., Suite 704
Richmond, VA
23219 USA
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Hours: Monday -Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Customer Care Center: 3-1-1
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