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Last Updated: 2017-09-06


The Richmond City Council enacted ordinances on September 5, 2017 that will have some voters who previously voted in precincts 206, 208 and 908 vote in new locations for the November election. Voters in the affected precincts will be mailed notices of their new voting location.

Maps and detailed information for the changes to precincts 206 and 208 can be found by clicking here.

Maps and detailed information for the change to precinct 908 can be found by clicking here.

Download a list of local Voter Polling Places City of Richmond Polling Places.

Find the Polling Place nearest you.

View Voter Precinct Maps.

The City of Richmond has new optical scan voting equipment. To use this equipment, you will vote on a paper ballot and insert the completed paper ballot in the scanning machine. View a demonstration here:®/

Interactive Voter Precinct and Polling Places Map

Note: Include ",Richmond, Va" in Find address or place searches.

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