Disability Retirement

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

If you retired on a disability retirement, you are required to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits immediately upon retirement. You also must submit to the Richmond Retirement System (RRS) a copy of your letter of award or denial of SSD benefits.

Upon receipt of your SSD award, the RRS will reduce your monthly allowance immediately to the after age 65 allowance amount. If your award is retroactive, any overpayment of benefits must be repaid to the RRS. Failure to submit your SSD information may result in your RRS pension being withheld.

For more information on Social Security Administration benefits, visit the Social Security Administration website.

Reporting of Gainful Employment Income

In accordance with Section 78-244(b) of the City Code, all disability retirees, prior to reaching normal retirement age (general employees at age 65, and sworn firefighters and police officers at age 60) are required to submit to the Richmond Retirement System a copy of their signed federal (Form 1040) or state (Virginia Form 760) tax return, along with copies of wage certificates (W-2), inventories, and schedules in support thereof.

If you file a joint tax return, your spouse's wage certificates also must be submitted in order to distinguish between the two incomes. Otherwise all monies earned will be considered your income and your pension will be reduced, if applicable.

If you were not required to file tax returns, you must submit a notarized affidavit certifying that no returns were filed. If you refuse to submit the requested information, your disability benefits will be withheld. Failure to comply for a period of one year will result in you forfeiting your rights to any future disability benefits.

Post-Retirement Medical Examination

In accordance with Section 78-242(a-c) of the City Code, any RRS retiree receiving a disability retirement allowance may undergo a medical examination once each year until the retiree reaches normal retirement age.

Should a retiree refuse to submit to any required medical examination, the disability retirement allowance shall be discontinued until the withdrawal of such refusal. Should such refusal continue for one year all the retiree's rights to any further disability allowance shall cease.

Any retired member entitled to total and permanent disability benefits under the federal Social Security Act shall be exempt from the requirements. Should any such Social Security disability retirement award be terminated, this requirement shall again be imposed on the retiree.

Survivor Option Election

Disability retirees may elect a survivor option for their contingent beneficiary prior to reaching their normal retirement age. Electing a survivor option allows you to set aside a percentage of your retirement allowance to provide a monthly benefit for your spouse or designated beneficiary upon your death. The survivor option will not be effective until the first day of the month following your normal retirement age.


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