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Last Updated: 2010-07-22

The Community Custody Department helps to bridge the gap for non-violent offenders who are not required to serve their entire sentence in the Justice Center. We work with offenders who may serve alternative types of sentencing. The goal is to assist with keeping offenders gainfully employed, performing work in the community and ultimately reducing the number of incarcerated persons in the jail.

We offer the following programs to non-violent offenders.

  • The Home Electronic Incarceration (HEI) program is a post-sentence program administered by the Sheriff's Office through the Community Custody Department. This program is typically for low-risk offenders sentenced by the courts for supervision in the community with use of electronic technology.
  • Our Misdemeanor Community Service Program (MCSP) is a community service program which is ordered by the court. Individuals report on the weekends to complete various community service projects in the City. During the program, the individual resides at home and reports on two specified days.
  • The RCSO New Environmental Action Team (NEAT) Program - NEAT is an extension of the court ordered community service, but participants report during the work week. This is a good option for individuals who work on the weekends, but still need to perform community service to satisfy a court sentence.
  • The Weekend Program - Offenders are court ordered into this program. They serve their sentence time on weekends, by reporting on Saturday morning and staying through Sunday morning. Individuals report for a specified number of weekends until fulfilling their sentence requirements.
  • Work Release Program - Allows offenders who are gainfully employed to serve their jail sentence while working during the day.


The Community Relations team is involved in a myriad of programs in the Richmond community to ensure continued engagement and presence with those residing in the areas the Sheriff's Office serves.

Programs include:

  • Are You OK? - Deputies and staff of the RCSO adopt seniors in the community and visit with them at least a couple times a month. This helps the seniors overcome the isolation or abuse that often occurs when family and support members are not readily available to care for them.
  • Child Identification Program - During community events, the Sheriff's office will finger print children and give the finger print identification card to the parents.

We also provide assistance and services in these areas:

  • Youth Tours - Tours of the Justice Center for community youth who may need to see the realities of incarceration.
  • Meals on Wheels - A partnership with the Meals on Wheels agency to deliver monthly meals.
  • Shop with a Cop - This is an annual event for the Sheriff and RCSO to take local children who have an incarcerated parent, shopping for back to school clothes and supplies.
  • Pumpkin Patrol - We deliver Halloween candy and treats to local Richmond neighborhoods, while also watching out for the community during a night that often is associated with delinquent behavior.
  • National Night Out - The Sheriff and the RCSO participates in Richmond's National Night Out to share crime prevention methods and techniques, while supporting a safer community environment for all citizens.
  • Office of Emergency Management Preparedness Day - The Sheriff's Office participates in the state sponsored day that ensures citizens are prepared in the event an emergency or disaster.

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