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Last Updated: 2010-01-04

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The IT Department provides the information required for the fulfilment of Richmond City Sheriff's Office (RCSO) mission, and related agencies with whom it cooperates, in an secure, efficient and effective manner.

This includes effective technology support for computers, audio/visual, multimedia, voice, video, data processing and storage, networks and support.

RCSO-DIT Functions

The RCSO-DIT office touches and supports all parts of the Sheriff's Office featuring:

  • A centralized DIT Help Desk, which is staffed during all office hours
  • A systems development team, creating different types of projects and applications for the organization and related agencies
  • Communications and Networking support, providing modern IP-based networks
  • Multimedia resource support and planning
  • Databases support and maintenance
  • Web development and support
  • Desktop publishing and distribution

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