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Last Updated: 2010-01-15

Our goal is to improve visibility of the city's services and commitment to older adults and persons with disabilities, as well as increase access and availability of services and programs in promoting an independent, healthy and safe environment for:

  • Older adults who want to remain active, independent and vital contributors to their communities
  • Older adults who may need assistance to remain as independent as possible
  • Caregivers to older adults, including those who may themselves be older and need assistance

Summary of Initiatives

Senior Help Line

To assist older adults in their quest for services within city departments, as well as serve a resource to outside agencies.

The Senior Help Line can be accessed by dialing (804)646-1082.

Senior Navigator

An internet service providing aging related information regarding health, housing, financial, legal etc. Older adults, caregivers or family members can log onto the city's website.

Senior Navigator Centers

These locations will be located throughout the community in City Hall, libraries, community centers and city offices where persons without computer access can utilize the Senior Navigator service. Trained staff will be available at each location to assist with program.

City of Richmond's Resource Guide for Older Adults

This guide has been developed to highlight city services designed for persons 55 and older.

Senior Needs Assessment

Developed to identify issues and gaps in services affecting seniors. As a joint initiative with Senior Connections, William Byrd Community House and Virginia Department on Aging, a survey was conducted and specific issues pertaining to health, well being and access to services were identified. The major emphasis is to uncover service barriers and focus on the needs of baby boomers.

Intra Agency Council on Aging

A council composed of representatives from various City departments who impact the lives of seniors such as the Department of Social Services, Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities, Richmond City Health District, and others.

Other programs

Other programs include Educational Sessions, Community Center Programs, and Volunteer Opportunities.

Disability Services Board (DSB)

A partnership of consumers, local government and businesses working to increase access, develop consumer-oriented and community-based services for persons with physical and sensory disabilities.

The city of Richmond Disability Services Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m. in the Marshall Plaza Building.

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