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Last Updated: 2010-01-12

Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS)

The MMRS program is a federal grant program made available at the local level to ensure a comprehensive and workable response system is accessible in the event of major disasters. The MMRS program assists 124 highly populated jurisdictions develop plans, conduct training and exercises, and acquire pharmaceuticals and personal protective equipment, in an effort to achieve an enhanced response capability. The MMRS program is not designed to supplant traditional and long-standing local response mechanisms and plans. Rather, MMRS expands local conversations by bringing together both new and traditional planning partners to ensure that local and regional plans reflect the latest science, and so that the latest technologies are made available.

The MMRS serves to promote a regional approach to solving issues that all jurisdictions plan for and where possible integrate similar plans and capabilities. The open and active support by neighboring jurisdictions, state agencies and private entities creates the relationships that are required for a successful MMRS. The Richmond MMRS will continue to promote this venue as a place to discuss the current regional issues that affect the specified Richmond MMRS focus areas.

The Richmond MMRS strives to uphold the following shared values:

  • While the majority of emergency response occurs within agency / jurisdictional boundaries it is essential to have systems and capabilities to response collectively.
  • Supporting the continued enhancement and development of agency / jurisdictional response plans and capabilities is essential.
  • Communication and information sharing is the best method to promote a stronger individual jurisdiction response as well as a broader overall regional response
  • The development of a strategic long term view of emergency response planning and operations for Richmond MMRS with a goal of creating more effectiveness and efficiencies.

In addition, the Richmond MMRS will continue to monetarily support projects that address the Richmond MMRS focus areas. The Richmond MMRS will support these activities through; regional training, regional planning and regional equipment support.

Contact Information:

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Richmond, VA
23219 USA
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