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Last Updated: 2010-01-12

Fire Extinguisher Training

A portable fire extinguisher by definition is an item of equipment for the purpose of extinguishing a fire. Portable fire extinguishers are generally provided for use on the early or incipient stage of a fire. There is danger the fire could very quickly grow well beyond the capabilities of the fire extinguisher putting the individual at risk. Reality is that a portable fire extinguisher is effective only for the type and size of fire that the extinguisher is rated for. This information is only learned through reading the literature that comes with a new fire extinguisher or more importantly attending training conducted by the Richmond Fire Department.

Utilizing lecture and practical exercises using a fire extinguisher simulator, citizens who attend a training program are much better prepared to safely operate a fire extinguisher. We will come to your civic or business group providing brochures, a short lecture and practical simulation training. For further information, please call (804) 646-6640.


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