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Safety and Response Operations

The goal of the Office of Fire Operations is to maintain a constant state of readiness to respond and protect against injury, loss of life, and/or property damage caused by fire, medical, and emergencies when needed.

The Role of the Deputy Fire Chief Safety and Response Operations

The Deputy Fire Chief of Operations is the department’s Chief Safety Officer and responsible for oversight of fire/rescue response services from 20 fire/rescue stations that provide fire suppression, emergency medical, water rescue, trench/excavation rescue, confined space rescue, structural collapse rescue, hazardous materials mitigation and variety of other services for the city’s over 200,000 residents and hundreds of thousands of visitors.


"Safe, effective, and efficient response; every day, every call, every time"


The mission of Safety and Response Operations of the Richmond Fire and Emergency Services Department is to administer and manage the organization's response operations functions, systems and resources



Interim Deputy Chief Brian Turnage

Interim Deputy Chief Brian Turnage joined the Richmond Department of Fire and Emergency Services in January of 1998. After a year at Station 16, he was transferred to Rescue 2 and served on the Heavy Technical Rescue Team for six years. In 2005, he was promoted to lieutenant and assigned to Quint 23. Soon after, Brian was assigned to the Training Division where he served as the both a recruit training lieutenant and captain of the Training Division. While at the Training Academy, he served as Richmond’s representative for the Regional Big Box Training. This training was conducted at Richmond’s Main Street Station and trained over 1,000 firefighters from Central Virginia.

In 2010, he was assigned to Rescue 1 and served 5 years as the Captain of the Water Rescue Team. In this role, he continued the focus on regional cooperation by maintaining relationships with the teams from Chesterfield and Henrico. In 2015, Brian was promoted to Battalion Chief where he initially served as Battalion 5 and began learning the importance safety plays in any organization, especially the fire service. He served on a committee for the International Association of Fire Chiefs to develop the content for the 2016 Safety Stand Down. He was then reassigned and served as the Battalion Chief of Administration. This was a unique opportunity to see the important service side of the organization. In February 2017, he was honored to be named as the Interim Deputy Chief of Safety and Response Operations.



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