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Specialty Rescue

Rescue 1The Department of Fire and Emergency Services has three specialty services companies known as rescue companies. At least one rescue company responds to all major incidents in order to provide specialized equipment and expertise.

Rescue 1: Water Rescue

Rescue 1 doubles as the City's water rescue team. This highly trained team responds to all water emergencies. The team is equipped with a van and a trailer which houses water rescue gear, two boats, and water-to-land communications equipment. The river rescue team also includes highly trained scuba divers. Selected volunteers from various city fire companies have been equipped and trained in underwater rescue and recovery.

Rescue 2: High Angle and Technical Rescue

Rescue 2 doubles as the Technical Rescue Team. Firefighters assigned to Rescue 2 have received specialized training in trench rescue, building collapse, vehicle extrication, rope rescue, and numerous other specialized programs.

Truck 22: Hazardous Materials Team

Truck 22 doubles as the City's Hazardous Materials Team. The personnel assigned to this company have received specialized training and utilize sophisticated equipment to respond to all reported hazardous material emergencies throughout the city.

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