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Through the continuous generosity of the State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, another accelerant detection K-9 has been given to the Richmond Fire Investigation Unit. A three year old female Goldador (Half Lab/Half Golden Retriever) named Pearl and her partner Lieutenant Brian Dalrymple, has been placed in service since September 2015. Pearl received extensive obedience and accelerant detection training prior to meeting her partner before they worked together through five weeks of additional training in Alfred, Maine. Historically, the Richmond Fire Department’s holds the only Arson Detection team in Central Virginia, available to respond to other jurisdictions upon request. They are very effective tool for the Richmond Fire Investigation Unit and are an excellent public relations tool for the department as well.


After 5 years of faithful and exceptional service to the City of Richmond and surrounding counties, the Richmond Department of Fire and Emergency Services LT Ellie, a female black Labrador (partner Firefighter Lin Archer) from active service September 2015. As a tradition in the fire service no firefighter can leave until their relief arrives and LT Ellie is no exception as Pearl is now in service. She was the Department’s second Accelerant Detection Canine, replacing Bailey in 2010.

"In Memoriam"

The first accelerant detection K-9 in the Richmond Metro area was also received from State Farm Fire and Casualty Company in 1998. “Bailey” was a black Labrador who was assigned Captain William Martin as her handler. During her 12 year career, “Bailey” surpassed all expectations. Her invaluable training assisted not only the Richmond Fire Investigation Unit but several others throughout the region to include the counties of Hanover, Henrico, Chesterfield, Prince George and Amelia, as well as traveling to Wintergreen for a multi-million Dollar condominium fire. “Bailey” was instrumental in assisting the ATF during a rash of church fires that took place in the region. She appeared at numerous community events to the delight of both children and adults. Her ability to “Stop, Drop and Roll” assisted many pre-school children in learning this life saving technique. “Bailey’s” steadfast devotion to duty set the stage for other K-9s to follow. “Bailey” retired on May 25, 2010 and passed away later that same year.

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