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Last Updated: 2010-01-19

Protecting Yourself From Arson

Most arson fires are started outdoors. Don't make it easy for an arsonist to start a fire or for an outdoor fire to spread to a building.

  • Keep leaves, firewood, overgrown brush and shrubbery and other combustibles away from buildings.
  • Keep doors and windows locked when a building is unoccupied. Board up abandoned buildings.
  • Do not use double cylinder dead-bolt locks without keeping a key nearby, bars without quick release mechanisms, or other security provisions that could trap a person in a building with a deadly fire.
  • Store all flammable liquids such as paints, gasoline, and kerosene in an approved storage location: locked cabinets, locked storage units, and locked garages. Also, keep these items away from heat sources such as furnaces and any type of heaters.
  • Report suspicious activity near houses or other buildings to the local police and support Neighborhood Watch programs.
  • If you suspect a child is setting fires, we may be able to help you through our Youth Fire Setter Program. It may not be "just a phase" they are going through. Always keep matches and lighters out of reach and out of sight of young children.
  • If you know or suspect that an arson crime has been committed, contact the fire or police department. Crime Stoppers is always available at (804)780-1000 or at http://www.crimestoppersrichmondvirginia.com.

Contact Information:

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23219 USA
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