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The Vacant Building List is collected by the City of Richmond Property Maintenance Division and is extracted from information collected by Inspectors during their daily inspections. It is not a violation for a building to be vacant but when a building is found to be vacant, it is noted in the department’s tracking system and the property is monitored until such time as it is reoccupied and code compliant. If the property is code compliant no action is taken other than monitoring If a building is found to be non-code compliant a notice of violation may be issued and other actions taken. Once the building is occupied, it is removed from the Vacant Building List. If you are aware of an address that is on this list that is now occupied or a building that is vacant but not on the list you can notify us at (804) 646-6357 or email and the appropriate action will be taken.

Vacant Building Registration Information

A building must be registered when it has been continuously vacant for over 12 months and meets the definition of “derelict” as found in the Code of Virginia 15.2.907.1. Registration requires the completion of the registry form and submission of the $100.00 registration fee. Failure to register shall result in a two hundred dollar ($200.00) civil penalty or a two hundred and fifty dollar ($250.00) civil penalty if the property is located in a conservation or redevelopment area or in a designated blighted area. Upon re-occupancy, the owner shall notify the Department of Planning and Development Review in writing. This information can be sent to

A vacant building may contain more than one dwelling or unit. If this is the case all units within that building must be vacant in order to be considered vacant. A building is not deemed vacant until it is completely unoccupied. The same principal applies to commercial structures.

If you have questions regarding the Vacant Building List or the Vacant Building Registry, please contact Michelle Coward, Program Manager at (804) 646-6357 or or visit Room G-12 in City Hall.

Vacant Building List

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