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Last Updated: 2010-01-20

Richmond Police Department - Faith Leaders Partnership (FLP)

The group consists of faith leaders of all denominations, public and private agencies and private citizens. The meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at police headquarters located at 200 W. Grace Street from 3:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. During these meetings the police department shares current crime stats and trends. The group also shares issues and concerns from their prospective communities.

The Faith Leaders Partnership has sponsored and hosted several Community Day Events in different communities throughout the city. These events are designed to directly connect the citizens to the resources.

Several additional programs have originated from the FLP, RPD’s Church Security Forums are hosted twice a year to educate and inform faith based organizations about safety and security inside and outside of their institutions. The Richmond Police Department’s Faith Leaders Academy provides faith leaders with our mission, operation, policies, personnel and challenges.


“Spiritual and Moral Transformation through faith based partnership networking for the betterment of people.”

Our Core Values

“Building hope by providing support, comfort, self-reliance, and self-worth.”


  • To UNITE for the mutual benefit of the citizens of Richmond, Virginia
  • To PROMOTE cooperation, fellowship and a better understanding amongst all people.
  • To ENCOURAGE education and contribute to the betterment of our youth.
  • To PROVIDE citizens with accessible resources.

Faith Leaders Resource Directory

The Hispanic Liaison Officer

Young Adult Police Commissioners

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