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Last Updated: 2010-01-20

Please return the completed Home/Business Vacation Watch Form to the Precinct in which you reside or do business.

First Precinct
2501 Q St.
Phone: 646-3602
Fax: 646-3580

Second Precinct
177 Belt Blvd.
Phone: 646-8093
Fax: 646-8199

Third Precinct
301 S. Meadow St.
Phone: 646-1412
Fax: 646-1630

Fourth Precinct
2219 Chamberlayne Ave.
Phone: 646-4105
Fax: 646-4106

Please return the completed Extra-Duty or Funeral Escort forms to:

Sgt. Gary Borges, Outside Employment Coordinator
Fourth Precinct
2219 Chamberlayne Avenue
Office: (804)646-0445
Fax: (804)646-0446

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