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Master Police Officer Tim Wade had an incredibly productive month, making 42 misdemeanor arrests, four felony arrests and responding to 120 radio calls as well as 54 sight calls. He also seized three different types of narcotics and an illegal firearm during a traffic stop that resulted in the driver being charged with multiple felonies.

But one of the biggest impacts he had was his continued efforts to build solid relationships with citizens and businesses in the woodland Heights, Swansboro West and Midlothian Village neighborhoods. He does this by getting out of his car, walking, visiting and getting to know these people and what their concerns are.

This trust has resulted in his ability to gain valuable intel about individuals who may be involved in criminal activity in the area. He also made the time between calls to respond to residents’ complaints of speeding in certain areas.

These are just a few examples of the great work MPO Wade does and this is why he’s our Officer of the Month for September! Congratulations!

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