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From catching armed robbers to translating for victims to being proactive in FIRS and making traffic stops, Officer Frias does it all!

He constantly works to make a positive difference in his community and had an outstanding month in October during which he:

  • seized two firearms and several grams of marijuana,
  • assisted 30 units,
  • conducted 45 sight calls,
  • and responded to 58 radio calls.

He also took the lead in two armed robbery arrests thanks to his keen observation skills and solid teamwork with his fellow officers. In the first arrest, he also stepped up to assist detectives by translating for the victim, who only spoke Spanish. In the second arrest, he also recovered a firearm and removed a convicted felon off the streets.

Though these are only two armed robberies, both offenders are suspects in several other crimes.

That’s some great work there, Second Precinct Officer Benito Frias, our November Officer of the Month!

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