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Sergeant of the Month

Third Precinct Sergeant Anthony Papaleo displayed many of the great qualities of a leader last month by finding good ways to motive his officers, leading from the front and taking the time to mentor younger officers.

He often attends neighborhood meetings to hear residents’ complaints and then inspire his officers to come up with the best ways to address the issues. Two such initiatives have reduced burglaries, boosted employee morale and taught officers about conducting surveillance.

However, one of Sergeant Papaleo’s biggest accomplishments was the conclusion of a three-month investigation during which he took the lead to find and identify several victims in an unlawful filming case. When the FBI couldn’t make contact with one of the victims, Sgt. Papaleo and an officer drove down to South Carolina and worked with local law enforcement to have the victim identify herself and help justify several of the pending charges.

The end result was a 19-felony-count indictment against the offender! Good job Sgt. Papaleo, our Sergeant of the Month!

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