Sergeant of the Month

Second Precinct's Sergeant Michael Bender always has the 'Quality of Life' concerns of the citizens and business owners of Sector 212 in his mind - and in his operational plans.

It's for these reasons and more that he was selected as the Department's October Sergeant of the Month.

Criminal activity, truant juveniles and vehicles speeding through communities were causing many concerns for neighbors in 212. Bender developed successful plans during the past month to combat these problems.

His analysis of criminal activity in his area led him to believe the juveniles may be responsible. He planned a truancy initiative that was able to apprehend 25 delinquent youths. He also coordinated with the city Truancy Supervisor to plan a wide operation this month to further enforce the zero tolerance for wayward youths.

His analysis also uncovered a problem with the speeders using a local road as a cut-through to a residential area. His radar initiative issued 11 summonses for speeding and won the community's support and gratitude for making the area safer.

He also volunteered to play on the Department's softball team during the Imagine Festival as well as participated in the Woodstock yard sale, Orlando and Broad Rock meeting, City Treats and his performance during Red Ribbon Week.

His productivity, community relations and leadership make Michael Bender an excellent choice for the Department's Sergeant of the Month honors for October.

Previous Sergeants of the Month

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